2018, Car Scene Nepal

We would like to start off by wishing our readers a Happy New Year 2018, may this year shower you with good health and prosperity and shower the country with better and faster cars. We would also like to use this moment to talk briefly about the car scene in our country, 2017 saw the Nepali roads ruled by compact crossovers like the EcoSport, Creta, Vitara Brezza and the Duster.

However, we also saw but a handful of luxury cars which is why we think we will get to see more of it in 2018. The Nepali Auto market has moved from a market driven by consumer necessity to a market driven by consumer desires, and thanks to the consumers with desires and resources to back it up, we have come across the likes of luxurious cars from manufacturers like Mercedes and Jaguar Land Rover cruising down the city streets on multiple occasions, and if the Ford Mustang GT at the recent NADA Auto Show were to be put into consideration then we can say that these are the tell-tale signs that the car scene in Nepal is making a transition into luxury and performance car market in the coming year and as car guys we are extremely excited to see our roads paved with these high performance luxury cars. We will also be letting you know all the happenings regarding the car scene in Nepal so make sure you stick to us. Lastly, Happy New Year everybody!!!

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