2018 Rolls Royce Phantom India Launch

Rolls-Royce has launched the 2018 Phantom in India at IC RS. 9.5 crore for the standard wheelbase version and IC Rs. 11.35 crore for the extended wheelbase version, making it the most expensive car currently on sale in India.

Being a Rolls flagship, the Phantom boasts a high level of bespoke customisation options, the highlight of which is the Gallery – a single piece of fixed glass that spans the width of dashboard and is a customisable canvas on which its ultra-rich owners can commission art of their favourite artists or choose from the composition that Rolls-Royce offers.

Other creature comforts include the Starlight roof, that can be set to replicate a night sky, a champagne chiller and flutes, buttons to open and close the doors and, of course, extensive use of sound deadening in a bid to make this the quietest car in the world.

For more on the Phantom, stick with us.

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