Renault unveils its First EV K-ZE in the Auto Expo

Renault has officially unveiled its first Electric car at the Auto Expo named as the K-ZE, the automaker are working aggressively on localizing the electric power-train of the Kwid EV to make it more affordable and purposeful. It is expected to deliver a range of 271 km per charge, this EV is already available in Chinese market.

This EV was prepared mainly for the city uses, similarly Renault was also planning for new ZOE EV as well. They are planning on for introducing the wide range of electric vehicles in Indian market.

With the increment of EV in Indian and international market we expect few new EV to enter into the the Nepalese Market as well. Currently we have MG, Kia, Hyundai and Mahindra’s EV in the market. We hope to get few additional ones with reasonable prices ranges with effective features

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