A warm farewell to The Beetles

The iconic Volkswagen Beetle had started its life during the Nazi regime in Germany. This Beetle came on to its life as a result of Hitler’s vision for creating the people’s car in Germany.

Volkswagen of America had represented a short video on of the iconic Beetle in the New Year’s Eve at Time Square in New York city. As Volkswagen is putting it to rest now. So, it is representing its long journey of 70 years as a Last Mile in the short animated video. The Beetle has been around for eight decades, selling over 23 million cars worldwide. 

The Last Mile features cover of Let It Be  by the Beatles, showing a long life journey from a child to a grown old man on to its final drive well it was more over a heart touching video of beetle as it retiring from this year onwards.
But we can see the fascia an electric vehicle displayed at the end of the video with the message ‘Where one road ends, another begins,’ which might indicate a new future plan of Volkswagen in the days to come.

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