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Apple has released its latest product, AirTag which can track the items attached to it through an integrated ‘Find My’ app on iPhone. The new pocket-friendly tracker by Apple was a much-rumoured and much-anticipated product. However, the product works similar to the Bluetooth trackers available in the market—such as Samsung’s SmartTag—but Apple brings AirTag with a much-enhanced connection with an Ultra-Wideband. The Apple AirTag tracker requires users to update to iOS 14.5.

The looks of the AirTag is really cute, round in shape which comes with stainless steel and an Apple logo embedded on it. It pretty much seems like a slightly bigger version of peppermint which weighs 11g and measures 31.9 mm in diameter. While one side of the AirTag is flat, another side has a dome-shaped glossy white appearance.

The AirTag comes with the same U1 chip used in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models. These chips work together to give you a more precise estimation of where the tagged item is located which the firm mentions as ‘Precision Finding’ and only works on the respective models of the Apple. AirTag users with an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 will receive AR overlays from their Find My app that will make it easier to locate the missing items. The firm claims this particular system uses data from the camera, ARKit, accelerometer, and gyroscope to precisely inform where the device is located. To make it easier, user can function their tiles with a sound as well.

The AirTag will use a user-replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery that, according to the firm, will give a year of battery life with continuous use. The firm also claims that “no location data or location history is physically stored inside AirTag.” Similarly, to change the battery in the AirTag all you need to do is a bit of press, twist, and release.

Connecting an AirTag is just as easy as the battery replacement. By pulling the battery tab and bringing it closer to the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch you can tap the connect button; you will require to sign in to the iCloud account, verify the lock code on iPhone, and you can also name it depending upon the item it will be attached to. From these easy step, it is instantly ready to use. Now, that the tracker is connected, its status will be shown in the ‘Find My’ app along with the latest or current location of the device.

If you are thinking about how it actually works, it is pretty simple yet clever. There is a Bluetooth mode for short-range, as the system works only when the device is nearby. However, the new system to track the device by Apple is really interesting. What the AirTag will need is to enable Lost Mode and an iPhone device nearby—not only yours but could be any iPhone device—that will instantly clink out a silent signal. Without a hint to the iPhone owner, you will be able to locate your AirTag. The message is transferred through iCloud to your account and lets you know the most recent location.

The concerns of the stalker are also handled well by Apple. If anyone attaches their AirTag nearby you or your essentials, your iPhone will instantly let you know there is a newcomer spotted. Meanwhile, if you want your AirTag to be attached to something that might expose to the environment, there is no need to worry as it is IP 67 dust and water-resistant.

The AirTags is sold by Apple in a pack of four or a single pack for interested buyers. The company also offers Hermes Key Ring, Bag Charm and Luggage Tag all equipped with the AirTag.


Size 1.26 x 0.31 inches
Weight11 grams
IP certificationIP67 dust and water-resistant
ConnectivityBluetooth, U1 chip (Ultra Wideband), NFC
BatteryUser-replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery
FeaturesAccelerometer, Built-in speaker
CompatibilityiPhone/iPod Touch with iOS 14.5 or later, iPad with iPadOS 14.5 or later

AirTag price and availability in Nepal

The Apple Airtag is only available for pre-bookings in Nepal. However, we expect the price of AirTag in Nepal will be Rs 4200.

Apple AirTagPrice in Nepal (Expected)
Apple AirTag (1 pack) Rs 4,200
Apple AirTag (4 pack) Rs 14,200
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