“AVTR” uniquely designed EV by Mercedes

Customer Electronics Show (CES) event has always been able to amaze individuals with quite unique design and features of many auto electric vehicles such as Audi, BMW, Byton, Fisker and futher more, no different to that Mercedes-Benz also made its entrance with a new Electric car “AVTR” .

Hearing out the name AVTR we all would think of a epic science fiction movie AVATAR by James Cameron, well guess what, this new EV is actually based on that movie. And even James Cameron attended the event and had transferred a few tip about it. He even said that “When I look at this car here, I see a beautiful car,” Also Cameron said. “I see the physical manifestation of an idea.”

As it is based on the AVATAR movie, just by looks of the EV it seems, that it would have been a prefect car to be driven by Jake Sully and Neytiri in the movie (Avatar) which might have given a more futuristic view to the movie.

Despite that the name AVTR it stands for Advance Vision Transportation not totally AVATAR from the movie.

What’s cool in this EV might be a question of every individuals. So talking about it this vehicle it can drive forwards, backwards and even sideways that is something new isn’t it? But truly it can be driven sideways it is possible because of its unique developed tyres. This EV is actually a plan of Mercedes Benz for a more sustainable future.

The VISION AVTR was designed with an innovative electric drive based on powerful and compact high-voltage battery. This has a capacity of around 110 kWh which enables an electric range of more than 700 km. Along with that it has exceptionally fast charging capability which enables fully recharging in just less than 15 minutes.

With the interior Mercedes-Benz has worked with a completely new design the goal of its was to create a car that prolongs the perception of its passengers and in which passengers can connect with each other. There is no steering wheels in the EV with the Biometrics the car merges with the driver and incase of using infotainment system you just wave your hands. With the exterior there’s a 33 multi-directionally movable surface elements act as “bionic flaps kinda giving a reptile’s scales looks.

Coming to the conclusion we can see a innovative & futuristic cars on to the lineup .

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