Bajaj hikes up the price of its motorcycles in Nepal

HH Bajaj, the official distributor of Bajaj motorcycles in Nepal, has announced a price hike on their models in the Nepali market. The new price list shows an increment in figures ranging from as low as Rs 4,000 (Platina 100 ES) to Rs 16,000 (Dominar 400); the price of Bajaj Discover (Drum), however, remains unchanged.

The price of the Bajaj Discover (Disc), Discover ST, and Avenger 200 has been increased by Rs 5,000; the price of the NS 200 FI/ABS, NS 200 ABS, Pulsar 125, and Pulsar 150 TD has been increased by Rs 6,000; the price of Pulsar 220 F, NS 160 ABS, and Avenger 160 has been increased by Rs 7,000; the price of the Pulsar 150 has been increased by Rs 8,000; and the price of the Dominar 250 has been increased by Rs 11,000. 

The new price of Bajaj motorcycles are listed below

ModelsOld priceNew priceIncreased amount
Discover (Drum)Rs 200,900Rs 200,9000
Platina 100 ESRs 1,85,900Rs 1,89,900Rs 4,000
Discover (Disc)Rs 2,09,900Rs 2,14,900Rs 5,000
Discover STRs 2,20,900Rs 2,25,900Rs 5,000
Avenger 200Rs 3,59,900Rs 3,64,900Rs 5,000
NS 200 FI/ABSRs 3,81,900Rs 3,87,900Rs 6,000
NS 200 ABSRs 3,55,900Rs 3,61,900Rs 6,000
Pulsar 125Rs 2,38,900Rs 2,44,900Rs 6,000
Pulsar 150 TDRs 2,83,900Rs 2,89,900Rs 6,000
Pulsar 220 FRs 3,52,900Rs 3,59,900Rs 7,000
NS 160 ABSRs 3,08,900Rs 3,15,900Rs 7,000
Avenger 160Rs 3,36,900Rs 3,43,900Rs 7,000
Pulsar 150Rs 2,66,900Rs 2,74,900Rs 8,000
Dominar 250Rs 5,07,900Rs 5,18,900Rs 11,000
Dominar 400Rs 5,82,900Rs 5,98,900Rs 16,000

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