Bajaj Nepal announces for exciting new offers on every purchase

Hansraj Hulaschand & Company the official dealer of Bajaj Nepal has come up with a new offer with a quotation – हौसला टुट्दैन, जीवन रोकिँदैन, उठौँ अघि बढौँ . The new offer will be made available when buying a new Bajaj bike after a lockdown. The offer includes:

– Full cash payment मा रु. 12,000/- छुट
– 20% DOWN PAYMENT मा पनि उपलब्द छ !

Along with the new offer, additional facilities will also be provided in appreciation of the contribution of Covid-19 frontline warriors. Due to the lockdown the New Years special scheme was cancelled but now the company is offering new special offer again. Grab the opportunity!

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