Blackberry Key2: Priorities

While my full review is due, I want to take a moment to address all the news and rumors and criticisms hovering around the Blackberry Key 2. Let’s get one thing out of the way entirely, the Key 2 isn’t the type of phone you take into a spec war, because it is not competing on that platform. Sure you could have phones with more RAM and storage for the same price point or even less but you will be sacrificing security, something the Key 2 is a master of.

You will not be playing PUBG on a Key 2, because the Key 2 was never designed to play with. Instead, the Key 2 is all about security and day to day productivity. Blackberry has always been at the forefront when it comes to security. They have been providing security solutions to government, banks, hospitals and many other sensitive areas and the Key 2 is no exception. The layers of security integrated on this phone make it the perfect phone for business professionals, all your communication and documents are under lock and key. One feature I love is the privacy shade, swipe down with three fingers and you get a small peephole to read your sensitive documents in public without anyone peeking. The phone comes loaded with a list of security services that I have not seen in any other phone, the briefing of these services alone would make for a couple more articles, but let’s just end it by saying that the Blackberry is the gold standard of security.

The other area where Key 2 scores top marks is productivity. The Key 2 has its software tailor made to increase productivity of the business professionals who would be using this phone. All the apps you need to run everyday can be assigned to “speed key” which essentially cuts the app opening time by half. The physical keyboard doubles up as a scroll bar which means you’ll never have to take your fingers off the keyboard to scroll. The call quality is excellent and the battery just goes on and on averaging 7 hours of screen on time in a world of 5. While I’ll cover everything on the full review of this phone for now I’ll just say this, it is true that in today’s world you will get a good phone in less cash, but a phone that is as unique as this and focuses and values your privacy and prioritizes your productivity is hard to come by which is why the Key2 is one of the nicest phones of 2018 and by far the best Blackberry phone the company has made till today.

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