Blackberry Officially in Nepal

Blackberry was established in 1999 AD, and the phones they made were the first ‘smart’ phones in the world. In a time where phones were fat and dumb, BlackBerry was one of the most prominent smartphone vendors, specializing in sleek, smart mobile phones with secure communications and portable productivity, and well-known for the keyboards. They were the quintessential phones for smart people and were the prime choices of bankers and officers and all other professionals in between. More importantly, carrying a Blackberry was the symbol of being smart.

After the rise in popularity of Android however, Blackberry lost its dominant position in the market as the old Blackberry OS couldn’t keep up with the Robust software offered by Android. In 2013, Blackberry introduced a new OS, the Blackberry 10 which was a major revamp to their old software. The first BB10 powered device was the Blackberry Z10 which was a success. But then in 2015, BlackBerry re-focused its business strategy and began to release Android-based smartphones, beginning with the Blackberry Priv which changed the game for Blackberry. The Priv had all the Blackberry quirks, a smart OS and a sleek design. Then, in February 2017, BlackBerry Mobile released the Blackberry Key One, which was known for having a physical keyboard below the 4.5 inch screen, having a great battery life.


Now, Blackberry has officially entered Nepal with their best phone yet, the Blackberry Key Two. The Key Two was released internationally in June of this year and since it’s launch the performance of this phone has been consistently good. Blackberry Key Two promises on the same security features that made Blackberry one of the most secure phones in the world in a package that is absolutely beautiful. We can’t wait to review the Key Two and share our opinions with you. So stick with us.

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