BMW plans for the Electric bike recognized as an E-Power Roadster

With electrification playing a vast role in Auto Mobile world BMW is also planning on to start working toward electric bikes and the bike is called as a BMW E-power Roadster Concept.

Through external sources it was notified that its single-speed reduction gearbox has an ability to produces 1500 NM on wheels which is an astonishing news besides that it generates around 135 PS power and 200 NM of torque.

Weighing upto 290 kg it can top from 0-60mph ( 96kmph) in just 2.9 seconds where the top speed is 160 kmph.

The headlight and the front suspension, brakes and wheel are taken in from the BMW S 1000 R and the trellis frame is custom-made whereas the rear has a single-sided swingarm with a shaft final drive. 

Charging this E-Power Roadster is really easy as its DC charger charges 100% in just about an hour. BMW aims to achieve 6 km range per minute of fast charging. So, in ten-minute charging break should ensure about 60km range. With the updates it was said E-power was facing problem of heating but the BMW team is working on this issue.

BMW E-Power Roadster updates will just be matter of time, before it start its production process.

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