Booking Opens for THEE-GO e-Buses & minivans

Thee GO a new E-vehicles brand is entering the Nepalese market. Along with the new entry the company has announced the largest portfolio of commercial EV’s in Nepal with a 28 seater thee GO e-Bus, 20 seaters thee GO e6 and 11 seaters thee GO Danfe.

Booking for these buses is open for the Nepalese market on the occasion of World EV Day. These buses will be available in Butwal, Chitwan, and other cities as well. The company is aiming to be the first choice, who wishes for the establishment of a sustainable, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient transport business.

The price of the Thee-GO e-bus has been set at Rs 1,26,80,000, Thee-GO e6 minibus is priced at Rs 90,00,000 and Thee-GO Danphe microbus is priced at Rs 44,00,000.

“E-mobility is a permanent and essential answer to the growing air pollution in Nepal.” To accelerate the adoption of EV in Nepal, the Thee- GO Group of Companies has integrated its efforts with the development of a full-fledged e-mobility ecosystem. We are thrilled to be bringing this ecosystem together and to unveil three models of electric vehicles after months of effort. These high-performance electric buses are incompatible with the aspirations of Nepal’s customers and mainstream entrepreneurs, which will make electric vehicles Nepal’s mainstream vehicle. We are confident that these products will go a long way in helping us deliver on our commitment to responsible and responsive mobility solutions for Nepal. ” says Hemanta Puranik CEO of Thee-GO.

These vehicles can be normally charged at home on a single-phase line and can also be charged at a charging station with the help of a fast charger. According to the company, these buses can get charged within 1-1/5 hours.

The e-bus has a capacity of 28 seats and on a fully charged, it can run up to 200 km. The Thee-GO E6 minibus can run up to 210 km on a single full charge. Similarly, the Thee-GO Danphe can run up to 250 km on a single full charge. Although the range of these vehicles has been specified, the company has specified the range beyond this.

For more details/bookings
Contact :
Kathmandu – 9801882404, 9801882409
Butwal – 9857059568
Chitwan – 9855013513
Other Cities – 9801882404, 9801882409

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