Can we imagine a self created replica of Tesla’s Cyber truck?

Can we imagine a self created replica of Tesla’s Cyber truck ?
Indeed YES it is possible, three men from from Russia has manage to make it possible and created a replica of new Tesla’s Cyber Truck.

Basically Puskha Garazh a Russian youtuber along with his 2 men has created a replica of Cyber truck, as Tesla Cyber Truck is all electric vehicle in compare to that this newly created run with fuel engine, it is not electric. And yes it has no doors on it like wise in Tesla.

The Youtubers incoporated few details which makes it look even more realistic to Tesla

This youtuber is famously known for modifying car on a low budget they had also recreated a Lada Samara a hatchback created by Russian car maker Avto VAZ.

They almost spent $1300 on creating the replica and is expected to be sold at an amount of $10,700 where as the price of Cyber truck is $US 69,900 . However it is 6 feet shorter in dimensions in comparison to the Tesla’s Cyber Truck. It is more over quite exciting to see the modified Tesla running in the streets of Russia.

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