Chery, China’s largest Passenger Vehicle Exporter, officially enters the Nepali market

Chery, the world-renowned automobile brand, has officially entered the Nepali market. The company signed an agreement with SPG Automobiles as its authorized distributor via a ‘Virtual Signing Ceremony’ event held on 12 August. Chery is China’s largest passenger vehicle exporter since 2003, and with the much-anticipated brand finally making its way into the Nepali automobile sector, it will surely make a mark in the industry.

“We are confident that the cooperation between the two sides will make an impact in the local market and help in the development of the Nepali automobile sector,” said Mr Zhang Guibing, President of Chery International. “In accordance with our long-term business strategy in Nepal, Chery will help create a competitive environment through our innovative products and guide market demand.”

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