Chinese EV startup”Byton” has a 48 inch screen on the dashboard

Chinese EV startup BYTON, is all set to bring its first all electric vehicle this year, which was firstly unveiled in 2018. One of the most distinctive features of BYTON’s vehicles, is the insanely large 48 inch screen on the dashboard.

“We knew from the outset that in order to deliver the industry’s first Smart Device on Wheels, we would need to invite partners to create truly compelling interactions. We also believe that Byton’s unique user interface offers developers a challenge and an opportunity to engage with an in-car experience like none they ever seen,” said Jeff Chung, vice president of Digital Engineering at Byton.

“When BYTON committed to creating the first smart device on wheels, this is exactly the kind of engagement we had in mind,” said Byton CEO Daniel Kirchert. “The BYTON M-Byte with its unique user experience will offer developers the opportunity to present in-car interactions in a way that is more engaging than ever before.”

Aside from the large screen the entry level M-Byte will travel up to 360 kilometers (224 miles) on a full 72kWh battery, and it comes with a single electric motor mounted on the rear axle with a peak power output of 200kW (about 270 horsepower). Byton will also sell a more expensive all-wheel drive version that draws power from a 95kWh battery pack, which should last for about 435 kilometers (or around 270 miles). The AWD M-Byte has a peak power output of 300kW, or about 402 horsepower.

The original concept featured a 48-inch screen that rose up from the dashboard like a ridge, stretching from pillar to pillar. There is also an 8-inch touchscreen in the center of the steering wheel. The company swore up and down that these screens were not just daring ideas that would be thrown out when it came time for production.

With the base model priced at $45,000 which will be around Rs 50 lakhs or more. Will it be made available in Nepal? Stayed tuned to know more.

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