Crossfire and ItalicaMoto roadside pickup service announced

Classic Wheels Export and Import, the official importer of Crossfire and ItalicaMoto motorcycles in Nepal, have initiated a new customer-care provision: roadside pickup services for Crossfire and ItalicaMoto motorcycle/scooter owners. The service will be provided in partnership with Upaya City Cargo.

Class Wheels announced its new service during the launch event of the Crossfire Tracker 250. The service can be availed of by their customers in case of any emergencies, accidents, and breakdowns.

Upaya City Cargo, an online marketplace for intra-city logistics, connects individuals and businesses through their driver-partners and the use of integrated technology to ensure quick and hassle-free delivery of bulk goods within Kathmandu Valley. Furthermore, they provide the service at the lowest prices, as compared to existing market rates, and ensure rapid delivery on the strength of their technologically sophisticated delivery system. 

Customers can request a pickup vehicle by calling the hotline numbers 988 109 8830 / 988 109 8880 (applicable in and around Kathmandu, Butwal, and Pokhara, as of now).

These are the simple steps to follow for an easy pickup and delivery service:

Step 1: Contact 988 109 8830 / 988 109 8880

Step 2: Provide your vehicle location, after which the pickup vehicle will visit your location, along with the loaders, as per requirement.

Step 3: Get your two-wheeler delivered to the nearest CF/ItalicaMoto showroom via the help of the Upaya City cargo team. 

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