Crossfire RM 250-Race Edition’s faulty key set to be replaced free of cost

Classic Wheels Export and Import Pvt. Ltd, the official distributor of Crossfire motorcycles in Nepal, has issued a notice regarding the faulty key set on their RM 250-Race Edition models. 

Apparently, a number of customers have been facing ignition issues with their motorcycle, which the company has concluded is due to a faulty key set on some of the models. The notice issued by the company says that the RM 250-Race Edition models purchased after 16 Baishak 2078 will get a replacement key set at no charge.

According to the company, the problem is due to water leaking into the key set, leading to electric shorts. The company has contacted all customers through its dealers, and it has urged customers to call a Crossfire dealership if they have not been contacted. They further request everyone to disregard the rumours that have been spread regarding the issue.

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