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Da-Jiang Innovations (DJI), a Chinese technology company has been known for its work of manufacturing commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for aerial photography and videography. What DJI offers is reliable hardware, quality cameras, and strong safety features for individuals fascinated by aerial imaging. The drone technology of DJI is widely used in the music, television, film industries and covers almost 70% of the world’s consumer drone market as of March 2020.

Now, the Chinese firm has announced a completely new technology with their latest FPV (first-person view) models of racing drones along with an unmatchable speed and an optional innovative single-handed motion controller that allows pilots to control the drone with just hand movements. The FPV Combo is built entirely different with the motive of reaching the expectation of the thrill-seekers and drone racing fanatics in aerial photography. The sleek and aerodynamic FPV delivers powerful propulsion, battery life, and wind resistance making the device as robust as it is visually stunning.

In Nepal, the DJI FPV Combo Drone has been made available in a limited amount of stock. So, what do we get from the latest drone by DJI? Let’s get to know the specific details about it.


The DJI FPV Combo features a sleek design with a dark grey airframe paired with translucent plastic that does the courtesy of visualizing its internal tech. The red-tipped propeller blades can be seen making it reflect a more of a racer vibe. It sports front LEDs and aircraft arm lights and comes in a customizable colour option.

In a path to delivering a new experience of FPV technology, DJI FPV Combo dumps the portability of the device sizing 5.0 x 7.0 x 9.1 inches (HWD). Which mean you will have to stick with a backpack as it cannot be dismantled into smaller pieces like other drones. That being said, it brings users an opportunity to unpack the box and start flying the drone, just like that! Meanwhile, propellers come as a removable option. The device weighs 817 gm.

DJI FPV Goggles V2
 DJI FPV Combo price in Nepal

Unlike other conventional drones, DJI FPV Combo does not use a smartphone for video representation. It rather comes with a headset which delivers the view seen through the camera lens. The video streaming is managed through a digital connection at HD (810p) quality; the headset will be powered by an external battery pack. The headset comes with the feature of adjustable space for the glasses and adjustable lens position maintaining the eye spacing to match the user’s vision—maximum frame rate of 120 fps.

DJI FPV Remote Controller 2

The is an FPV Remote Controller 2 that is available in the box and pretty much looks like a traditional video game controller.

 DJI FPV Combo price in Nepal
Motion Controller

The DJI Motion Controller comes as a small, hand-held device that allows the aircraft to manoeuvre based on natural hand motions and which as per the firm claims to deliver an ultra-intuitive experience allowing even beginners to manoeuvre like seasoned FPV pilots.
Needs to be brought separately*

Flight Modes

The Sport Mode features a hybrid flight mode that combines the freedom of flying manually with the simplified controls of previous DJI drones. However, the mode does keep all the automatic flight aids active but turns off the obstacle detection sensors and maximize the speed to 60mph. This is where users should really be careful as it will give a real sense of speed.

Then there is Normal Mode offering immersive flight with traditional drone flight controls along with DJI safety features like obstacle sensing—the device will notify users and slows down to avoid the crash in nearby obstacle.

Finally, the Manual Mode bring the top speed in the device at 87mph and it can go from 0-62mph in just two seconds. The mode offers complete and limitless control and a full FPV flight experience. It allows customizing parameters for a better experience in flight and footage viewing.

 DJI FPV Combo price in Nepal


The speed acquired by the manual mode can prove to be intimidating for some users, for which the firm has added a safety measure called Emergency Brake and Hover. Just a push of a button and the aircraft will stop and hover stably within few seconds, regardless of any flying mode or any speed. Other safety features include an auxiliary bottom light, Smart Return to Home (RTH), Low Battery RTH, and forward and downward obstacle sensing that is integrated into DJI FPV to help ensure a safe flight, even at high speeds.

4K Video

The DJI FPV Combo is capable of recording video at 4K60 quality and goes as high as 120fps at 1080p. It’s mounted on a single-axis gimbal and supplemented by digital stabilization. Similarly, the angle of view is wide at 150 degrees.


Sensor1/2.3” CMOS
Effective pixels: 12 million
LensFOV: 150°
35mm Format Equivalent: 14.66 mm
Aperture: f/2.8
Focus Mode: Fixed Focus
Focus Range: 0.6 m to ∞
Max Image Size3840×2160
Video Resolution4K: 3840×2160 at 50/60fps
FHD: 1920×1080 at 50/60/100/120fps
Mechanical RangeTilt: -65° to 70°
Controllable RangeTilt: -50° to 58°
StabilizationSingle-axis (tilt), electronic roll axis
Max Control Speed60°/s
Angular Vibration Range±0.01° (N mode)
Takeoff WeightApprox. 795 g
Dimensions255×312×127 mm (with propellers)
178×232×127 mm (without propellers)
Diagonal Distance245 mm
Max Speed140 kph; M mode: 39 m/s (27 m/s in Mainland China)
S mode: 27 m/s
N mode: 15 m/s
Max Acceleration0-100 kph: 2 s (in ideal conditions while flying in M mode)
Max Flight TimeApprox. 20 mins
Max Hover TimeApprox. 16 mins
Max Flight Distance16.8 km
Input100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.8 A
OutputBattery charging interface:
25.2 V ± 0.1 V
3.57 A ± 0.1 A (high current)
1 A ± 0.2 A (low current)
USB Port:
5V/2A (×2)
Rated Power86 W

DJI FPV Combo Drone price in Nepal

The price for DJI FPV Combo Drone in Nepal is set for Rs 198,000.

DJI DronePrice in Nepal
DJI FPV Combo Drone Rs 198,000

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