E-Bus expected to arrive in Nepal

Electrification has been one of the most trending and eco-friendly means of saving an environment. Along with that an all Electric buses of Brighsun Brand are arriving in Nepal. Brighsun Brand buses will officially be brought in by the Himalayan Motors its authorized dealer in Nepal.

These E-Buses will be providing power of 80kw/140kw and torque of 600NM/1000NM. This company had made a world record of running 500 km on a bus with single charge.
For the charging capabilities, it takes around 4 to 5 hours approx. Besides that it is expected to have capability of operating more than 100 km just a single charge.

It is powered by LiFePO4, water cooled battery engine, Himalayan Motor stated that the battery are used in Australian made buses which will be getting a 4 year guarantee and similarly Mr. Saurabh Thapa the Managing Director confronted that this E-Buses will be rolling in few months along with that the details will also be available to the Nepalese market. It will include few safety features such as Smoke Alarm, Automatic Fire Extinguishers etc.
Brighsun will start the manufacturing process in India within the next two months. Interestingly, there is a plan to start and assemble plant in Nepal by 2025 the detail data regarding the E-bus is still to be revealed so stay tuned.

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