Pure EPluto 7G, Etrance Neo, and Etrance Plus in Nepal: Price and Specification Details

Pure EV, an IIT Hyderabad, India-based company brings a range of electric two-wheelers in Nepal at a quite reasonable price, among them are Pure EV EPluto 7G, Pure EV Etrance Plus, and Pure EV Etrance Neo. The Indian-based company offers stylish and value-for-money models in the market.

White Lotus Motors Pvt. Ltd, the authorized distributor for Pure EV e-scooter in Nepal, jointly launched the EPluto 7G  and Etrance Plus a few months earlier. Additionally, the firm most recently launched Etrance Neo in Nepal. The EPluto 7G  and Etrance Plus are the most expensive and affordable models from the company in Nepal, respectively.

So, what exactly do these two models have on the table? Check it out!

EPluto 7G in Nepal

EPluto 7g price in Nepal

The Pure EV EPluto 7G reflects a premium vepsa-ish design mixed with a retro style and chrome treatment. The round side mirrors and headlamp, and slanted front of the e-scooter are essential details that reflect on the retro style. The character followed by the Epluto pretty much suits both and male and female. However, the seat of the e-scooter seems a bit small to fit two adults comfortably. 

Now, the most important part. What powers the EPluto 7G?


The EPluto 7G comes with a 1.5KW motor and a 2.5KWh Lithium-Ion battery (portable) that is designed to generate a peak power of 2.2 KW. Say goodbye to your range-anxiety! The range covered by the e-scooter is 90 to 120 km which is pretty impressive for an e-scooter. The top speed, on the other hand, is 60 kmph and it can go from 0-40 in just 5 seconds which makes EPluto perfect for the daily commute on the jam-packed city road. The braking duties of the e-scooter are handled by a disc brake on the front and a drum brake at the rear. The e-scooter is sculptured to sit on 10-inch cast alloy wheels. 

EPluto 7G price in Nepal

The e-scooter features a 5-inch wide LED display with multiple choices on the speed mode. The features further extend to an anti-theft smart lock, 12-degree gradeability, regenerative braking, external charging port, and LED lights. The battery juices up to full in 4-6 hours.

Overall, EPluto 7G comes with every feature that a traditional scooter has if you are looking for an option for city rides. Except for a slightly small seat, which we expect to be considered while Pure EV launches its new version in the future, EPluto 7G is a fair option.

Etrance Plus in Nepal

Pure EV price in Nepal

The Pure EV Etrance Plus has a simple design that follows the traditional look. You can say, the electrical scooter does not give us a premium feel, but it is considerable for an affordable electrical scooter. The color option for this model is only available in white.

Let’s check out the innards of the electric scooter.


The Etrance Plus uses a 250 Watt hub motor with a 1.25KWh Lithium-Ion battery. The battery generates power to run 65 km on a single charge which is a decent coverage. The battery gets full with 6 hours of the charging period. The top speed of the scooter is limited to 25 mph.

If you compare Etrance Plus with other electric scooters in the market, you will find this one slightly expensive. For instance, TAILG offers TAILG Lion and TAILG Tiger with better range and a top speed at an affordable price than Etrance Plus. So, it could be challenging for Etrance Plus to convince the consumer in the market.

The Etrance Plus uses E-ABS with a drum brake on the front and rear wheel. It comes with a robust chassis design, body parts suitable for the road of Nepal, and advanced features like regenerative braking and indicator that shows the percentage of battery capacity remaining.

Etrance Neo in Nepal

Etrance Neo price in Nepal

The Pure EV Etrance Neo, as per the exterior, looks like a traditional scooter with a sport-ish character. A slightly enhanced version of the Etrance Plus delivers considerable output of power and range. The Etrance Neo comes with amazing power, range, and features at an affordable price.


The Etrance Neo gets a 1.5KW motor with a 2.5KWh Lithium-Ion battery designed to generate a peak power of 2.2KW similar to EPluto 7G. As it shares the same motor and battery with its sibling, the range and top speed also remain the same – 90-120Km range and 60 kmph of top speed. Even, the charging period for Etrance Neo to get full is the same as EPluto 7G – 4-6 hours.

Etrance Neo price in Nepal

The similarities do not end here. The Etrance Neo features an anti-theft smart lock, 12-degree gradeability, regenerative braking, 10-inch cast alloy wheels, and LED lights just like EPluto. Moreover, it comes with an LCD display, drum brakes, seating capacity for 2 pax, LED headlamp, side indicators, side stand indicator, and a loading capacity of 150 kg. The e-scooter can go from 0-25 in just 4 seconds which is a better option for buyers who are not a fan of speeding up in the city road.

The overall Etrance Neo features are pretty decent for an e-scooter to make a calm and soothing ride in the city. However, the competitors such as NIU and Terra Motors can make the journey to success for Etrance Neo a little challenging.

EPluto 7G price in Nepal

The price of EPluto 7G is Rs 2,49,000 in Nepal.

Etrance Plus price in Nepal

The price of Etrance Plus is Rs 1,99,000 in Nepal.

Etrance Neo price in Nepal

The price of Etrance Neo is Rs 2,29,000 in Nepal.

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