Ferrari F1 teams unites to manufacture ventilators to fight against COVID-19

Italian Institute of Technology based in Genoa in collaboration with the Ferrari engineers have worked on the project codenamed ‘FI5’.

The FI5 is a pulmonary ventilator designed to assists patients suffering from COVID-19, with Italy being one of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic. From the code name FI5: the F (naturally) stands for Ferrari, I for innovation, and the number five for the five weeks it took for the ventilator to be conceived, designed, and assembled since its creation was put into motion. 

Ferrari had already donated EUR 10 million and 150 ventilators to the Italian Civil Protection Department since the coronavirus crisis first ravaged the country. Along with that the assembly information of this new FI5 will be made available, allowing engineering groups from countries all over the world to produce their own version.

“We started small,” said IIT’s Scientific Director Professor Giorgio Metta at the FI5’s launch, “but quite quickly realized that we needed more resources to devote to the project. We’d been in touch with Ferrari already in the recent past, so we thought, why not? This is exactly the skills we need: engineers that know fluid dynamics, that can help with the design of a respirator. He also added, “We wanted to clearly to devote maximum effort to this project but also to go fast, as fast as possible, so it’s impressive that this was actually achieved in only five weeks of work, and we have already the prototype.”

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