Honda Civic Diesel Revealed

The Honda Civic has been receiving a very good response here in Nepal ever since it’s arrival. It is the closest balance you get between a posh sedan and a sports car, and this comes to us as good news as Honda has introduced a new nine-speed automatic gearbox on its Civic diesel sedan. This is the first time Honda is offering the option of a diesel-automatic on the current-gen Civic which is a 1.6-litre unit that outputs 120hp and 300Nm of torque.

According to Honda, the Civic 1.6 diesel-auto does a 0-100kph dash in 11sec, with a top speed of 200kph. Additionally, the nine-speed gearbox can skip through gears to facilitate better fuel economy and faster shifts; this means, the transmission can shift directly from ninth to fifth, or say from seventh to fourth, in full automatic mode.

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