Honda Working on Motorcycles with Mind Reading Technology

Honda is developing a mind-reading technology on bikes that enables to process the thoughts of the rider and connect with the motorcycle. The Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer has stepped ahead with its innovative piece of tech being added for upcoming motorcycles.

Sounds a bit fetched? To make it more believable, the firm has already filed a patent for the brain-wave-detection system that will read the rider’s brain waves and perform tasks. The application was filed by Honda’s Los Angeles-based R&D Americas facility and proves that there is no limit to creativity and technology.

Put simply, this technology works via a helmet that will be equipped with built-in electrodes that will be responsible for feeding brain signals into the BMI (Brain Machine Interface). As the rider wears the helmet, the onboard computer in the motorcycle will interpret the signals and use them as inputs. It will also continue to connect with other systems present in the motorcycle- the ABS, traction control, throttle, and IMU, and use all the information to determine appropriate actions, thus potentially improving safety as well.

Might seem a bit amusing, but the patent of the Honda mind-reading tech includes pictures of a rider pulling off a wheelie just by using his thoughts. Not as simple as it is shown, it definitely needs a lot of practice to perfect it along with preselecting settings for things like traction control and ABS to tell the bike how early you want it to intervene and by how much.

Well, the cost to be finalized would be astronomical and we will at least have to wait a couple of years to see a prototype.

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