Husqvarna FS450 Super Moto Revealed!

Husqvarna, the Swedish motorcycle manufacturer has revealed the 2019 FS450 Supermoto. The FS450 is based on Husqvarna’s FC450, which is a proper motocross motorcycle. The 2019 FS450 gets an all new sub-frame made of carbon fibre. It is 220 grams lighter than the previous unit and is now painted blue. Also, the bike gets a new cylinder head that is lighter than the previous model. The bike now weighs half a kilogram less than the outgoing model. The electronics too have been updated to include launch control and traction control as standard.

Other additions include a new piston and valve for the rear shock absorber along with redesigned bodywork, new throttle cable routing which offers easier maintenance, an updated cooling system with a new centre tube, a more compact silencer and the length of the chain adjustment slot has been increased by 5 mm. The dry weight of the 2019 Husqvarna FS450 is 103 kg. Husqvarna has been updating the FS450 regularly. The 450 cc engine now gets paired to a new 5-speed gearbox as well. The peak power output remains the same as earlier at 63 bhp. For more on this Super Moto, stick with us.


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