Hyundai announces price hike

The following list represents the hiked price of Hyundai cars applicable from 1 August 2021.

ParticularsTypesModelCapacityMRP (Rs)
Santro Era2WD – PetrolEra1086cc25,56,000/-
Santro Magna2WD – PetrolMagna1086cc27,56,000/-
Santro Magna AMT2WD – PetrolMagna AMT1086cc30,56,000/-
Santro Sportz2WD – PetrolSportz1086cc29,96,000/-
Santro Asta2WD – PetrolAsta1086cc32,26,000/-
Grand i10 NIOS Magna2WD – PetrolMagna1197cc31,96,000/-
Grand i10 NIOS Magna AMT2WD – PetrolMagna AMT1197cc34,56,000/-
Grand i10 NIOS Sportz2WD – PetrolSportz1197cc34,56,000/-
Aura2WD – PetrolS1197cc34,96,000/-
All-new i202WD – PetrolMagna1197cc36,96,000/-
All-new i202WD – PetrolSportz1197cc41,96,000/-
Verna SX2WD – PetrolSX1591cc49,96,000/-
Verna SX(O)2WD – PetrolSX (O)1591cc53,96,000/-
Venue E 1.2 Petrol2WD – PetrolE1197cc36,96,000/- 
Venue S 1.2 Petrol2WD – PetrolS1197cc40,56,000/- 
Venue S+ 1.2 Petrol2WD – PetrolS+1197cc44,56,000/-
Venue S 1.0T Petrol iMT2WD – PetrolS998cc45,56,000/-
Venue SX 1.0T Petrol iMT2WD – PetrolSX998cc51,96,000/-
Venue S 1.5 Diesel2WD – DieselS1493cc44,56,000/-
Venue SX 1.5 Diesel2WD – DieselSX1493cc50,56,000/-
Creta E DieselDieselE1493cc45,56,000/-
Creta E Diesel LoadedDieselE – Loaded1493cc45,96,000/-
Creta E PetrolPetrolE1497cc47,56,000/-
Creta E Petrol LoadedPetrolE – Loaded1497cc47,96,000/-
Creta EX Petrol2WD – PetrolEX1497cc50,96,000/-
Creta S 1.5 Petrol2WD – PetrolS1497cc54,56,000/-
Creta S 1.5 Diesel2WD – DieselS1493cc57,56,000/-
Creta SX 1.5 Petrol2WD – PetrolSX1497cc62,56,000/-
Certa Sx 1.6 Diesel2WD – DieselSX1582cc59,96,000/-
Creta SX CVT 1.5 Petrol2WD – PetrolSX CVT1497cc68,96,000/-
Creta SX(O) CVT 1.5 Petrol2WD – PetrolSX(O) CVT1497cc74,96,000/-
Tuscon2WD – MT PetrolGLS1999cc89,96,000/-
Tuscon2WD – AT PetrolGLS1999cc1,07,96,000/-
Tuscon2WD – AT PetrolGLX 2WD1999cc1,14,96,000/-
Tuscon4WD- AT DieselGLX1999cc1,34,96,000/-
Santa Fe4WD- AT DieselGL2151cc1,65,96,000/-
Santa Fe4WD- AT PetrolGLS2497cc1,68,96,000/-
Santa Fe4WD- AT DieselGLS2151cc1,88,96,000/-
Palisade4WD- AT DieselGL2199cc1,94,96,000/-
Palisade4WD- AT DieselGLS2199cc2,25,96,000/-
IONIQ EVElectricStandard100 KW57,96,000/-
Kona EVElectricStandard100 KW56,96,000/-
Kona EVElectricStandard150 KW71,96,000/-

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