Hyundai and UBER presents a S-A1 an Air taxi at CES 2020

This year at the Customer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, Hyundai just took step to an another level of innovative creations. And the innovative creation is the S-A1 by Hyundai an Air taxi. Yes you heard it well, an air taxi which will be able travel with four passenger and a pilot.

The S-A1 will give a speed of about 180 miles an hour, and with the fly elevation about 1000 – 2000 feet it will give a range about 60 miles an hour. This type of air taxis will come in different capacities and sizes. The jet engine will be replaced by an electric motor and rotate on the aircraft.

UBER and Hyundai have partnered together for this vehicle. With the partnership the company are making steady progress on launching Uber Air is expected to be launch by 2023. Hyundai is the first car manufacturer company to partnership with the Uber. Hyundai will build a car while Uber will provide ride-share service. As a partnership the customer will be able to book their ride through an app .

Besides this flying machine Hyundai and Uber are planning to create a HUB stations where these air car take off and lands. Inorder to get to the S- A1 they will have a little autonomous pods, which will facilitate people to travel easily. Hyundai on the Press conference said that they would like these pods to be as iconic as San Francisco’s cable car.

The safety equipped on this S-A1 are quite advanced as it has many propellers if any one of it fail the other has full capability to pick it up and addition to that it will have a parachute which will be helping on with uncertainties.

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