HYUNDAI to make an EV partnering with Canoo

Last year EV subscription startup Canoo, Hyundai and Kia’s parent company unveiled the EV platform based on Canoo’s powertrains.

It is said that this EV will be cost competitive as well as purpose built EV, besides all it is said to be created on a scalable electric skateboard platform as well. Hyundai said that Canoo will be provided with engineering services to create new EV. It’s skateboard design will not only place a battery but also the motors and controllers as a result passenger can enjoy a lot of cabin spaces.

Canoo’s current CEO Ulrich Kranz said that, “It’s really important for us because having a household name like Hyundai do some work with the startup like Canoo proves that we have a good concept and a good team.”

Hyundai and Kia are also currently selling their own EV in the market besides that Hyundai have promised to deliver 23 vehicles by 2025. Well lets wait and see what new surprises we get to hear in near future.

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