India’s First Hypercar!

Vazirani Automotive, a new Indian car company, has revealed its Shul turbine-electric hypercar at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The car uses a jet turbine-electric powertrain that enables it to mix rapid, torque-heavy performance without compromising on range. The Shul uses a carbon-fibre tub chassis and makes extensive use of carbon-fibre in its body to keep weight down, while the exterior has been shaped to minimise drag. No technical specifications have been released at this stage because the exact details of some parts have yet to be decided.

Michelin has provided support for the car’s development, so the first concept is located at the tyre brand’s stand at Goodwood. Vazirani’s project, which has also received support from the Force India Formula 1 team, plans to begin testing its first prototype later this year. Although Vazirani Automotive has its roots in India and the Shul is billed as India’s first hypercar, the company has a design studio in California.

For more on the Shul, stick with us.

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