Jaguar Land Rover unveils a new concept EV

Jaguar Land Rover has unveiled a bold new concept vehicle named Project Vector as the company’s Destination Zero journey. It has shown its vision of an autonomous, electric, connected future for urban mobility.

Jaguar Land Rover’s Destination Zero mission is to make societies and environment safer, healthier and cleaner. With the astonishing innovation the company has aim to have zero emissions, zero accidents and zero congestion.

Jaguar Land Rover’s Chief Executive officer, Prof Sir Ralf Speth commented that,” Jaguar Land Rover understands the trends shaping modern societies. Project Vector shows a new innovation to make our societies safer and healthier, and environment cleaner. Through this project we are collaborating with the brightest minds in academia, supply chain and digital services, to create connected integrated mobility systems – the fundamental building blocks for Destination Zero.”

This compact car measures 4m in length and the battery and drivetrain components are neatly packaged within the flat floors. The modular cabin space provides flexibility for seating configurations so it can be used for private or shared use.

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