NEA fixes the rates for charging EVs in the Charging stations


As we know with the increase in uses of electric vehicles in Nepal, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is expanding 50 charging stations in the capital as well as few in highways.

So with the making of charging station NEA has fixed the rates of charging an electric vehicles. NEA has fixed separate price rates for the private and public EV while charging from the charge stations. The NEA decided to fix the prices as to the increase in numbers of private charging stations, currently companies selling EVs and Sundar Yatayat are operating charging stations of their own so with unavailability of fixed rates NEA has come up with price list.

The NEA has already forwarded the price list for approval from Electricity Regulatory Commission, and has set different rates during evening, off peak hours. The cost of charging electricity rates are fixed as :

Rs 4.45 per unit between 11 pm – 5am
Rs 6.6 – Rs 10.3 between 5 am – 5pm
Rs 8.4 – Rs 11.7 between 5 pm – 11 pm

This tariffs proposed by the Authority is said to be applicable to both the charging station and the private sector charging stations.

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