Nepal’s First and Only Tarmac and Off-road Race Track to be Inaugurated Today

One of the most thrilling and fascinating sport has been quite an interest among the youth of Nepal in the past decade. Over the years, a handful of proud national representatives have managed to mount in an international arena. Nevertheless, Nepal has not been successful to develop award-winning champions, referees, and marshals in the field of motorsports due to the lack of infrastructure and the system.

With a long and constant effort from Nepal Automobiles Association (NASA) since the past decade, Nepal finally has its first racing circuit. Ultimate Himalayan Motorland, a racing circuit inaugurated today in the heart of Dhulikhel, Kavrepalanchowk. The 17,000 sq m racetrack interestingly enough happens to be the highest altitude racing circuit in the world. It is said to provide facilities related to Go-karts, training simulators, and skilled trainers.

Mr. Anil Kumar Baral was elected Chairman of Ultimate Himalayan Motorland in an AGM on November 24th at Aryal Hotel, Baneshwor. Likewise, Mr. Diprash Shakya was elected Managing Director and Mr. Sushil Tandukar was elected Technical Director of Ultimate Himalayan Motorland along with six other members.

Mr. Anil Baral has been constantly representing Nepal in the International motorsport’s arena for over two decades whereas; Mr. Diprash Shakya holds enthusiasm for motorsports along with involvement in multiple businesses. Similarly, Mr. Sushil Tandukar has been involved in the motorsport field since the beginning.

Mr. Anil Baral stated that national players associated with automobiles will also be honored on the occasion. The players will be certified and the plans for sports and programs in 2021 will also be announced.

“Before this, despite the lack of proper infrastructure, Nepali players were participating in international competitions and achieving success. But, now that a well-equipped circuit has been built, players will have a proper platform to practice and this will help them achieve more success in the future,’ said Baral.

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