NIU E-scooter starting Movesafely Program for the healthcare worker to fight COVID-19

NIU Technologies, the world’s leading provider of smart urban mobility solutions, announced today that healthcare workers, in 8+ cities around the world will get free rides with their electric moped sharing partners. The global pandemic and lockdown situation are creating difficult situation for the entire people and healthcare worker, looking over the current situation NIU has stepped out and has offered the MoveSafely program.

NIU finds itself in a unique position to help healthcare workers safely access their places of work. NIU has over a million electric scooters on the road and maintains partnerships with at least 20 scooter-sharing companies around the world. Now NIU has worked with many of its scooter-sharing partners to establish the MoveSafely program. This provides an alternative to private car ownership or crowded public transportation.

NIU’s Director of International Joseph says, ” We are so proud of our partners for their willingness to give back to their community in a time of such need.”

As part of the program, healthcare workers will get free rentals of NIU’s electric mopeds, which can speed up 30 mph / 51 kmph and are also useful for navigating urban areas.

NIU wants healthcare workers to be able to #movesafely, and through their partnership network of sharing operators, like Revel in New York City, healthcare workers now have access to a mobility solution that keeps them a safe distance from others, and get them where they are needed most: saving lives.

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