Overall Automakers shutting down its production

Automaker such as BWM, Mercedes Benz, Kia Motors, Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki , Peugeot, and many other have been shut down in many foreign countries including India due to Coronavirus.

As Ford, GM and Tesla announced on preparing ventilators for infected similar to that Mahindra & Mahindra also said that they aim to create ventilators for the patients. Ferrari and Fiat companies are also making such efforts.

Honda India also has suspended the operation and also the company has directed all Honda dealerships in India to implement mandatory protocols during negotiations with customers to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Similar to that Mercedes, Kia , Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki also has suspended their productions.

It is even informed that if the lockdown is extended, the production of these auto will also be stopped for a long time, as a consequence of it launches of new car and bikes in Nepal will also have to be extended.

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