Price of Crossfire models in Nepal updated

Classic Wheels Export and Import, the official distributor of Crossfire motorcycles in Nepal, has released a notice regarding the price updates for two of its Crossfire models effective from 24 Shrawan 2078 (8 August 2021).

According to the notice, the company has updated the price of the Crossfire RM 250-Race Edition and the Crossfire HJ 250. Below is the updated price list for the respective motorcycle models.

ModelsPrevious priceUpdated price
RM 250 2021 Race EditionRs 6,90,000Rs 7,25,000
HJ 250Rs 6,45,000Rs 6,55,000

However, the price of the Crossfire GR7 250, the company’s entry-level motorcycle, remains unchanged. The current price of the Crossfire GR7 250 model is Rs 5,45,000.

Classic Wheels Export and Import initiated their journey in Nepal in 2013 with their flagship model, the Crossfire XZ250RR. Since then, the company has grown to become one of Nepal’s leading Dirt and Enduro motorcycle companies. The company currently sells three Crossfire models in the market: the Crossfire GR 7 250, the Crossfire HJ 250, and their flagship model– the Crossfire RM 250 Race Edition 2021.

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