Project Zero (P0) Brings Flooded Reaction on the Internet

Finally, we got to see the official launch of the most hyped ‘Made in Nepal’ electric motorcycle from Yatri Motorcycles!

The whole concept and the news about the Yatri Motorcycles have been a hot topic in Nepal for more than a year. Now, that the price is finally announced of the two electric motorcycles ‘Project Zero’ and ‘Project One’, netizens have flooded reactions over the topic.

In case you are not yet known of the latest buzz in the Nepalese market, ‘Project Zero’ and ‘Project One’ are the two electric models from the Nepalese start-up company Yatri Motorcycles that have been announced with a price tag of Rs 19,49,000 and Rs 4,95,000, respectively.

Most people were expecting as the models are made in Nepal, it might come out as an affordable motorcycle but the reality has hit hard. Project Zero came with a bang! And, the reactions are worth giving time for. 

Now let’s get to know more about what people have to say about Yatri’s two models.

Well, there is a mixed reaction and we sure get it that Project Zero will not be a go-to motorcycle for everyone. However, it is worth noting that it is a big deal to actually bring such innovation from Nepal and we encourage people to support the brand. The fact that launching an electric motorcycle with top-notch materials and high-end specs with few of the team members is not an easy job. Besides Project Zero, hopefully with love and support from the Nepalese citizen and the government, the brand will be able to work on upcoming projects and models that will be affordable for the general public.

We would like to know more about what you think. So, drop down a comment below about your thoughts on Project Zero.

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