Race for Flying Cars: General Motors unveils Flying Cadillac Concept Car

The future with flying cars is not too far away as a number of giant companies are constantly investing in the very concept.

Toyota Motor, Hyundai Motor, and Geely Automobile have previously have shown concept aerial vehicles as part of their future planning.

In the race for flying cars, General Motors too joined and showed off the concept of a single-passenger Cadillac capable of vertical takeoff and landing and achieving flying speeds of up to 55 mph.

General Motors, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on Tuesday, introduced a video of the flying Cadillac. Essentially a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) drone, GM expects this personal transport vehicle to eventually ferry passengers from one rooftop to another.

A senior GM executive described the concept as “reimagining the future of personal transportation,” at the virtual keynote held on Tuesday.

Consumer Electronics Show turned online this year, showcasing 1,800 companies to 150,000 “attendees” from Monday to Thursday.

The concepts in the CES video were introduced by GM design Chief Mike Simcoe, who described the VTOL as “the Cadillac of urban air mobility”.

“VTOL is key to GM’s vision for a multimodal future,” he said.

The autonomous Cadillac shuttle, described in the video as “arriving soon,” features a boxy silhouette that recalls the Cruise Origin, also designed by Simcoe’s team. It features fore and aft sliding doors and a panoramic glass roof.

The cabin has wraparound lounge-like seating, plus biometric sensors, voice control, and hand gesture recognition.

GM stayed closed to any further details on the concept.

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