Replace Your Old Scooter with a Brand New Yamaha- ‘Leave Carburetor, Climb FI’ Offer is Your Ticket

Are you tired of your old scooter? Do you have an urge to buy yourself a new scooter but not sure about what should you do with your own?

‘Leave Carburetor, Climb FI’ offer from Yahama might be the perfect getaway you are looking for!

MAW Enterprises, the official distributor of Yamaha for Nepal, introduced the ‘Leave Carburetor, Climb FI’ offer for those who are willing to exchange their old scooter with brand new Yamaha’s FI engine scooter for which they are particularly famous. The offer lasts till the 12th of November so, hurry up and bring a brand new Yahama scooter home before New Year.

Yamaha scooter also includes another campaign on the list; BS6 Yamaha Ray ZR FI/Fascino 125 FI at a Down Payment of 49,900. This offer allows you to get a brand new BS6 Yamaha Ray ZR FI/Fascino 125 FI with an initial down payment and Rs 8,500 per month for a maximum of 30 months.

The beautifully designed Yamaha scooters are fairly priced with Yamaha Ray ZR125 FI Street Yali, the drum brake Ray ZR 125 FI, the disc brake Ray ZR 125 FI, and the Fasino 125 FI costing Rs 254,900, Rs 229,900, Rs 244,900, and Rs 249,900 respectively.

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