‘Super Soco’ Electric Bikes and Scooters in Nepal: Price and Specs Details

D-lifestyles Pvt. Ltd. has unveiled a premium range and of five ‘Super Soco’ electric bikes and scooters with its price in Nepal with the slogan ‘Revolt’. The launch includes 2 electric scooters – Super Soco CUx, Super Soco CPx, and 3 electric bikes –Super Soco TC Max, Super Soco TC, and Super Soco TSx.

If you still think EVs are ‘all show and no go’, well, Super Soco might bring you a fresh perspective. The brand brings a range of new e-bikes and e-scooters that equally uplifts both design and power. So, let’s take a deeper look at what Super Soco offers.

Super Soco CUx

Super soco price in nepal

The Super Soco CUx delivers a premium look through its excellent styling. The overall look of the CUx is sleek and the body is agile which helps to maneuver in the jam-packed road easily. The seat height is considerable, making it easier for new riders to get used to it in no time. The classy round side mirrors, distinct LED headlamp, and tail lamp suit the character.

The e-scooter comes with multiple high-tech perks. The CUx gets keyless ignition, warning signals and sounds, anti-theft technology, USB charging port, storage space, and a digital display upfront.

The CUx is powered by a lightweight honeycomb lithium-Ion 2788 W battery pack and a 1.3kw Bosch Motor that generates a torque output of 115 Nm. The range stands at 85 km and top speed at 75km/h, which is pretty impressive for an e-scooter. For braking duties, it comes with a dual-disc CBS. The charging time is approx 3.5 hrs.

Super Soco CPx

Super soco price in nepal

The Super Soco CPx has more like a robust sporty character that will probably bring out your inner racer instinct. Unlike CUx, it features the LED headlamp above the front mud-guard and comes in all-black theme. It comes with a large flyscreen, digital instrument console, USB charging, and 8-spoke alloy wheels. Additional essential features include keyless ignition, warning signals, anti-theft technology, extra-large comfortable, seating USB charging port amoung others. The model gets a one-push Reverse Switch that will come in handy during congested roads and heavy traffic.

The CPx is powered by 4000 Watt motor and two 60v/45Ah batteries that is good to generate 171Nm output of torque. The CPx us claimed to acquire a range of 200 km from the double battery and 100 km of range from single battery. The option of double battery doesn’t increase the power of the CPx, but doubles the range. The top speed remains at 90km/h. Braking duties are handled by Double Disc CBS.

The charging time is 3-4 hours for single battery and with the double battery you might need to charge it over night. The batteries are removable. So, it can be easily charged inside the house and not worry about the charging port outside.

The model comes in three colors – Silver, Black, and Grey.

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Super Soco TC Max Bike

super soco price in nepal

The Super Soco TC Max will give you an instant cafe racer vibe and when getting to know it better, the modern technology will amaze you. The perfect blend of the these two aspect is convincing enough to switch into EV. The robust design supports the everyday urban explorers and allows options between aluminum and spoke wheels for the interested buyers.

The TC Max holds a 5000 Watt motor that generates 180Nm of torque. The top speed stands at 110km/h, and the range remains to be 110 km. Braking duties are handled by Double Disc Brakes. The battery is removable so, it will cut out the extra hassel of searching for a charging port nearby.

Super Soco TC Bike

Super soco price in nepal

The Super Soco TC adaptes a cafe racer inspired styling that suit the character of the yougsters. The round LED headlamp adds the essence to the cafe racer theme. It features analog-digital meter, hidden storage compartment, high precision speed control, engine kill switch, retro customed tyres, six section adjustable pedals, advanced anti-theft safety feature, remote key among others.

The Super Soco TC is powered by a 3000 Watt powerful Bosch motor and a 60V30AH battery that generates a max torque of 150Nm. The TC holds a range of 160 km on double battery, 80 km on single battery, and it has a top speed of 80km/h. Basically, the model, performance-wise is considered to be similar to the 125cc motorcycle. The TC comes with 3-level riding modes that can be changed during the ride and is perfect for youngsters who seek thrill and adventure.

The model has been made available in four colors – Grey, Green, Blue, and Beige

Super Soco TSx Bike

Super soco price in nepal

The Super Soco TSx shares resemblence to TC along with same battery, Bosh motor and controller. It is considered to be equivalent to 50cc motorcycle and targeted for the fresh riders.

The TSx comes with a 3000 Watt powerful Bosch motor that generates a torque of 140 Nm. It can top the speed at 80km/h and has a range of 160 km on a dual battery. The battery juices up to full in 3 hours and comes with an advanced battery management system (BMS) that protects it from over-discharge and maintains long term battery life. Furthermore, it gets a Double Disc CBS, 16-inch tubeless tires, and a bright headlamp for extra protection.

The model has options for four colors: Gold, Black, Grey, and Red

The company has provided a 0% downpayment facility with EMI as low as Rs. 5750 for a loan period of 3 years (conditions applied) for all Super Soco products. More to it, they also provide a 3 years warranty on the battery and a 2 years warranty on its products.

Super Soco electric bikes and scooters price in Nepal

Super Soco ModelsPrice in Nepal
Super Soco CUx
Super Soco CUx
Rs 2,39,800 (Standard Color)
Rs 2,49,800 (Luxury Color)
Super Soco CPxRs 4,59,900 (Single Battery)
Rs 5,89,900 (Double Battery)
Super Soco TC Max BikeRs 4,89,900
Super Soco TC BikeRs 2,89,900 (Single Battery)
Rs 3,75,900 (Double Battery)
Super Soco TSx BikeRs 2,85,900 (Single Battery)
Rs 3,69,900 (Double Battery)
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