Tax Policies for EVs Undecided, says Energy Minister Shakti Basnet at Kantipur EV DIALOGUE 2023

At the Kantipur EV DIALOGUE 2023 event, powered by Hamrobazar, Shakti Basnet, the Minister of Energy, Water Resources, and Irrigation, acknowledged that the government has not yet engaged in discussions regarding tax policies for electric vehicles (EVs) for the upcoming fiscal year. However, he strongly reiterated the government’s commitment to promoting the use of EVs. Minister Basnet emphasised that the government is actively involved in raising awareness, implementing promotional initiatives, and developing the necessary infrastructure, including charging stations, to facilitate the widespread adoption of EVs. He further highlighted the substantial advantages of EVs, emphasising that their utilisation aligns with the government’s vision of ensuring energy accessibility for all, fostering prosperity, and preserving the environment.

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