Third Wheel’s Initiation to Sell Electric Scooter Online: Discount up to Rs 25,000

The Third wheel has initiated to provide two new electric scooters in Nepal online from Friday. It has been a couple of years that the company started to provide online services such as servicing two-wheelers, selling spare parts, and selling accessories for bikes and scooters.

To start selling electric scooters through an online platform is the new chapter in the business expansion, the company said.

Recently the Third Wheel is involved in selling two electric scooters from Indian-based company Pure EV – E-Pluto 7G and Etrance Neo. Customers are offered to test drive these scooters at the location of their choice; home or office after ordering online.

The E-Pluto 7G is priced at Rs 249,000 in the Nepali market. Experience a chrome finished body with a 2.5 kWh portable battery pack powering the scooter. The three-speed mode scooter can run at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour and cover the range of 90-120 kmph in a single full charge.

The company provides a 3-year or 40,000-kilometer warranty on the battery used in the scooter meanwhile Third Wheel has offered a one-year emergency maintenance facility for its customers.

With similar features as the E-Pluto 7G, Etrance Neo lacks the chrome finished body and priced at Rs 234,000.

The electrical scooters can be purchased from Machhapuchhre Bank, Nabil Bank, and NIC Asia Bank at a zero percent interest rate. The company is also set to provide accessories worth Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000 cashback offer on buying these scooters. The company also has an offer for a free servicing facility for a year.

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