TOGG a turkish car company plans to launch a new Electric SUV

TOGG a new car company from turkey has announced its plan for launching a new electric SUV. Regardless of it TOGG stands for , it is over heard that the company has created their own electric vehicle platform and collaborated with Pininfarina for the designing of it

TOGG electric SUV is powered with a two lithium-ion battery packs which is capable to produce 200 HP from its standard rear wheel drive setup and 400 HP is claimed to be produced from its AWD options. It has capacity of providing ranges from 186 miles to 310 miles. It’s RWD model will be able to top off 0 – 62 mph in just 7.6 seconds where as ithe AWD setup option will take just 4.8 seconds. TOGG also has showcasted a sedan concept model in the auto market but hasn’t announced for its second entrance.

Currently the company hasn’t said anything about its global expansion and we are keen to get more details regarding the new TOGG as it is a new start up automakers in the market and we hope to see this Electric SUV in Nepalese market too.

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