Toyota Could Be an EV Game Changer with Solid-State Battery Prototype

Given that the huge barrier for EV adoption in the current era is the range and charging hours, Toyota is way ahead to take a leap by releasing a prototype with a solid-state battery next year. This basically means that they are working on an electric car battery that provides more than 300 miles of range, approx 10 minutes of charging period, no bulky heating and cooling systems necessary, maintains 80 percent of its charge capacity for 800 cycles (about 240,000 miles) and isn’t venerable to combustion.

Take a minute and think about it, now you don’t have to change your schedule if you forget to charge your EV prior to your plans. A charging period of approximately ten minutes is definitely longer than fuelling up your vehicle in a gas station though it does make a difference compared to the EV that takes longer than a couple of hours.

Meanwhile, Toyota is not only the one running for this race. QuantumScape, a California company holding a strategic partnership with Volkswagen, announced promising test results for its own solid-state cell. Japan, however, is moving along in the race and hoping early advances in solid-state technology to lead in battery production over China and South Korea. The global market for next-generation is expected to grow from $39 million this year to $413 million in 2025, $3.1 billion in 2030, and $25.2 billion in 2035.

Next is the line is Samsung with its solid-state battery using silver-carbon instead of lithium. This prototype battery has the potential for 500 miles of range in a pack half the size of a modern lithium-ion battery. Likewise, there is Colorado-based Solid Power partnered with Ford and BMW to develop battery tech and Mercedes is working with Hydro-Québec in Canada.

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