Tunwal गज्जबको OFFER, get chance to win exciting discounts and gifts vouchers

Parimita Investment Company the authorized dealer for Tunwal Electric Scooter in Nepal announces Dashain-Tihar Offer. Various discounts and gift vouchers are available on the purchase of Tunwal brand electric scooters.

Get a chance to:
A discount of Rs. 10,000 on the purchase of each E-scooter and discount of Rs. 5000 on parts, with free servicing for four times.

You will also get an opportunity to receive an LG gift voucher worth Rs 50,000.

Currently, four models of Tunwal electric scooters are available in the Nepali starting from Rs 151,000 to Rs 215,000.
For more details on this offer
Contact : 9823013981
Or visit here!

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