TVS motorcycles and scooters experience price hike in Nepal

Jagdamba Motors Pvt. Ltd, the sole authorised distributor of TVS motorcycles and scooters, has recently announced a new price list for their range of two-wheelers. In this update, certain motorcycle models have witnessed a price hike, while among the scooters, only the NTorq 125 variants have experienced an increase in prices.

Let’s take a closer look at the specific changes in prices:


  • Apache RTR 200 ABS FI: This model has seen a price increase of Rs 13,000.
  • RTR 160 4V REF ABS FI: The price of this variant has gone up by Rs 9,000.
  • RTR 160 4V FD REF SC: Customers will now have to pay Rs 3,000 more for this particular model.
  • Apache RTR 160 2V FD: The price of this model has also been increased by Rs 3,000.


All the three variants of NTorq 125–the Xp, the Race BS6, and the Drum–have witnessed a price hike of Rs 4,000.

TVS motorcycles and scooters price in Nepal

TVS modelsNew price in NepalChange
Apache RTR 160 2V FDRs 2,94,900Rs 3,000
Apache RTR 160 4V RDRs 2,90,900
RTR 160 4V FD REF S.CRs 3,15,900Rs 3,000
RTR 160 4V RD REF S.CRs 3,18,900
RTR 160 4V ABS Rs 3,59,900
RTR 160 4V REF ABS FIRs 3,92,900Rs 9,000
Apache RTR 180Rs 2,79,900
Apache RTR 200 4V 2.0Rs 3,24,900
Apache RTR 200 ABSRs 3,79,900
Apache RTR 200 ABS FIRs 4,24,900Rs 13,000
RR 310Rs 7,99,900
TVS Iqube SRs 4,29,900
TVS Stryker REFRs 2,33,900
TVS Raider 125Rs 2,64,900
Redeon 110Rs 1,98,900
TVS NTorq XpRs 3,20,900Rs 4,000
TVS NTorq Race BS6Rs 3,05,900Rs 4,000
TVS NTorq SQUADRs 2,84,900
TVS NTorq RaceRs 2,79,900
TVS NTorq DiscRs 2,69,900
TVS NTorq DrumRs 2,36,900Rs 4,000
TVS Jupiter ClassicRs 2,11,900
TVS Wego BS6Rs 2,26,900

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