This is the Volkswagen Arteon and it is the car that replaces the outgoing VW Passat as the brand’s luxury sedan. This car is VW’s contender sent out, not to take on the Ford, Skoda or Honda, no. Volkswagen has designed this car to take on the Mercedes, Jaguars, BMWs and Audis.

The car looks striking as it sits wider, longer and lower than the Passat. A sharp wide grill with mean LED headlights, and strong character lines that runs across the body, and those sleek 20-inch wheels are something you’d find on a BMW or an Audi. And we have already fallen for that mixed yellow and green color that the company showcased during launch. Looking at the strong presence of VW in Nepal, and other luxury cars from different brands already gliding through the posh places of the city, we are overly optimistic that the Arteon will join the luxury car scene in Nepal soon enough. For more on the VW Arteon, stay tuned.

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