Vyrus Alyen comes with a Ducati engine and cool body work

Vyrus an Italy two-wheeler brand based in Rimini, decided to present a new motorcycle in the middle of the pandemic. It looks like a motorcycle from another planet, like something the Predator could use in his interstellar hunting expeditions. A good example is the Vyrus C3 series, an exotic version of the hyper exotic Bimota Tesi 2D.

The new “Vyrus Alyen” has a lot of special features and, above all, an impressive look. It is an Italian-made motorcycle that uses a Ducati Superquadro engine as its power source. The 1,282 cc, 2-cylinder engine, previously used in two-cylinder Borgo Panigale superbike, delivers 205 horsepower at 10500 rpm and is based on a new double-beam magnesium chassis – baptized as Double Omega Design. The engine is accompanied by a wet clutch and a six-speed gearbox.

It features the Vyrus Hydraulic Wired Steering system and a fuel tank of 11-liter capacity. The suspension system follows the same philosophy of previous models out of the Vyrus factory, highlighting its double oscillating front arm hooked to a central damper located just in front of the engine.

We can see the two exhausts on the back of the model which is quite eye catchy, the design on the Rotobox wheels, the front is reminiscent of a threatening extraterrestrial creature. It gets a unique pushrod suspension setup and exotic Brembo GP4 brakes. Vyrus has not revealed the information on availability and cost.

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