Xiaomi China launches a E-mopeds at $420

What’s the first thing that stricts after you hear about Xiaomi ? cell phones and tablets!. Well along with that the company now has shifted on to a number of budget minded electric bicycles and even electric mopeds. The company is now back with another e-moped in the form of the A1 and A1 Pro models.

The A1 and A1 Pro are rather small electric mopeds. That’s par for the course with Xiaomi’s past electric bike and e-moped launches. The small size keeps the electric mopeds lightweight at just 52 kg.

The mopeds use a 48V electrical system, and the A1 Pro’s 70 km range is slightly higher than the A1’s 60 km range. That’s thanks to the 960Wh battery on the A1 Pro compared to the 768Wh battery on the A1. The batteries are removable and can be charged separately from the moped. Both models get full suspension and hydraulic disc brakes up front, while the rear wheel is sporting what appears to be a drum brake.

Both these moped gets a color screen displays, though the A1 Pro comes with a touchscreen. If you don’t want to take your hands off the bars to control the screen, you can also use the bike’s voice control feature. There’s even built-in GPS directions that are visible on the screen, which is a pretty nice feature an e-moped at this price. Speaking of the price, it starts at around $420 in China.

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