YADEA a new e-Brand soon to launch in Nepal

KUZU Nepal Pvt. ltd the sole distributors for DFSK in Nepal is all set to bring in YADEA brand e-scooter in Nepal. YADEA is the largest electric two-wheelers company. It already has its global presence across 83 countries, with annual sales of 60 lakhs units worldwide.

Among its overall line-up, Kuzu Nepal has planned to bring in two e-scooter: Yadea C1S & Yadea G5, and an e-Bike: Yadea e-MTB in Nepal. The e-scooter will surely be competing with NIU, TailG, and many other e-brands in Nepal.

Yadea C1S is powered by a GTR 3.0 electro-motor with a 32Ah 60V Lithium battery. It can generate a max power of 3500W and max torque of 138Nm. It is claimed to offer an overall range of 80 km & a top speed of 60 kmph. Similarly, Yadea G5 is powered by the same GTR 3.0 electromotor with a 32Ah 60V Lithium battery. It can generate a max power of 2300W and max torque of 120Nm. Claimed to offer a total range of 50/55 kmph.

It also includes disc brakes on the front and rear wheels along with CBS. The scooter has many innovative techs. Features such as GEO-fencing, keyless start and lock (RFID), cruise control, self-sensing headlight, anti-theft alarm, a P-gear for increased safety, a reverse gear, and USB charge ports for a mobile phone is also available. Along with that, a cool 7 inch LCD speedometer is also on offer. This e-scooter is IP67 waterproof and can be driven through water. The buddy seat of the scooter provides 25-liter storage space. The scooter has a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) or regenerative braking in which energy from braking is returned to the battery.

With the festive season approaching within a few months from now, I guess KUZU Nepal is planning to hit the Nepalese e-market & compete among all the e-brands available in Nepal. Detail specifications & prices on this Yadea brand scooter is still to be revealed till then stay tuned with hamrobazar blogs.

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