Yatri Motorcycle’s Project Zero to get April 2021 Launch

Yatri Motorcycles, a Nepali start-up based in Kathmandu is all geared up to launch Project Zero, the country’s first electric motorcycle. The zero-emission motorcycle is set to get its April 2021 launch.

The proportion of retro cafe racer styling in Project Zero (PO) seems to be inspired by Husqvarna and upgrades it with clean, modern design lines. The elegantly designed motorcycle will deliver the benefits of an electric powertrain in urban civilization. Project Zero gets modern connectivity tools with a ravishing outlook that will set its charm while it hits the road.

What this motorcycle holds are powerfully built carbon fiber and steel chassis. The motor of Project Zero produces 48kW of power and 120 Nm of motor torque. The start-up stated that the motorcycle can run up to 230 km on a single charge and the battery needs approximately 2 hours to be charged fully. Well, there is an option of DC Fast charging if you are really in a hurry which will juice it up to 80% in just 20 minutes.

The start-up also stated that all the parts like suspension, tires, and brake calipers of the Project Zero electric motorcycle have been designed and developed in-house, rather than importing them and assembling them.

Another interesting fact about this electric motorcycle remains to be Yatri Hub (app) that can be accessed from the 7″ Full-HD display featured on the motorcycle. You will be able to track stats like the amount of money you’ve saved on petrol and the amount of CO2 you’ve saved to be emitted into the environment by choosing to ride Project Zero.

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