Yatri Motorcycles to launch new Project One bike with a dual sport platform

Yatri Motorcycles, the Nepali startup company based in Kathmandu, Nepal is set to make a new electric motorcycle in Nepal. By 2021 the company is to launch two bike : Project Zero & new Project One. Company received a high response while showcasing its Project Zero prototype motorcycle in December. The company is yet to launch production versions of Project Zero in Nepalese market however the company was planning to launch it by March but due to COVID-19 lockdown it was delayed. The company are taking necessary preparation for this.

For the upcoming new bike the company has almost finalized the concept and are starting with few preliminary research. It is said that the display and other aspects of the motorcycle under Project One will be very different.
V1 of Project One is said to be far more exciting than Project Zero. Excitingly it is said to be offered with a completely different platform i.e a dual sport platform.

The company had plans on producing 50 units of Project Zero for the market but there were 400 request in numbers. So by 2022 the company are set to provide 10,000 units of motorcycles to its customers. The company aims offer a city commuter bikes with decent off-roading capability, given the road conditions of Nepal and lots of people here really love dual sport.

Stay tuned to get more info.

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